Croatian Islands

Susak island Croatia

Susak – sandy Croatian island

Susak is Croatian island located in Kvarner bay archipelago on the north of Adriatic sea. Susak island is made entirely

Lopud island Elaphiti Archipelago

Lopud Island Of Celestial Beauty

Lopud island or Lafota island is one of the four inhabited islands from Elphiti archipelago near Dubrovnik. Lopud island is

Vis Island - Croatia Travel Blog

Vis island – undiscovered paradise

Vis island is Croatia’s farthest inhabited island with a small population of about 5000 over an area of 90 square

Zlarin Island Travel guide

Zlarin a coral island

Zlarin is small island placed in Sibenik archipelago on Dalmatian coast. Island of Zlarin is also known as “golden island”

Sipan Island - Croatia vacation

Sipan Island peaceful oasis in Elafiti archipelago

Sipan is the biggest but least developed of populated island from Elafiti archipelago 17 km away from Dubrovnik, Croatia. Sipan

Korcula Travel vacation

Korcula One Of The Greenest Islands

Korcula island with its luxuriant vegetation and it is one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic Sea, with numerous

Brac island

Brac Island Of Natural Beauty

Brac is the one of the largest islands in Croatia, and also Brac has one of the highest mountain peaks

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