North Dalmatia

Northern Dalmatia presents a greater concentration of the highlights of Adriatic travel than almost any other part of Croatia. Along the coast are beautifully preserved medieval towns poised above some of the clearest waters in Europe, while offshore are myriad islands adorned with ancient stone villages and enticing coves.

Bibinje pleasant town near Zadar

Bibinje Croatia Travel Blog

Bibinje is a small settlement located on the Adriatic shore within a view distance southeast from Zadar. Bibinje has a luxury of being close enough to one of the bigger

Sibenik oldest Croatian town on the Adriatic

Sibenik - Croatia Travel vacation

Sibenik is located in the middle of Croatian coast and is gaining popularity as a base for exploring nearby natural beauties. Sibenik is a relatively small town of about 50.000

Primosten scenic town-island on dalmatian coast

Primošten Croatia Vacation

Primosten town center is located on small island after whom this lovely town on Dalmatian coast was named. At first Primosten island was connected with wooden drawbridge and after with

Rogoznica true gem of Dalmatian coast

Rogoznica Travel guide

Story about Rogoznica small fisherman town located in a heart of Dalmatian coast dates back in 1390 when mainland part of town was already populated. Current center of Rogoznica is

Vodice Pleasant Tourist Town

Vodice Dalmatian Coast vacation

Vodice town is a touristic center famous for its lively and various tourist offer and hospitable people. This small coastal town is located in a wide bay, 11 km northwest