Croatian Islands

Mezemrizing natural beauty of Croatian coastline and fascinating history of this Eastern European paradise. Meet Hvar, Brac, Korcula and many other Croatia islands.

Brijuni National Park

Brijuni National Park Croatia

Just as visiting the Eiffel Tower appears an obvious choice when you are in Paris, the Brijuni National park is a must-see when you are in Croatia.

Located on the

Susak – sandy Croatian island

Susak island Croatia

Susak is Croatian island located in Kvarner bay archipelago on the north of Adriatic sea. Susak island is made entirely from yellow sand and its been well-known for its wonderful

Lopud Island Of Celestial Beauty

Lopud island Elaphiti Archipelago

Lopud island or Lafota island is one of the four inhabited islands from Elphiti archipelago near Dubrovnik. Lopud island is located only five kilometers away from main Dubrovnik ferry port

Vis island – undiscovered paradise

Vis Island - Croatia Travel Blog

Vis island is Croatia’s farthest inhabited island with a small population of about 5000 over an area of 90 square kilometres (35 sq miles).

For centuries local population was finding

Zlarin a coral island

Zlarin Island Travel guide

Zlarin is small island placed in Sibenik archipelago on Dalmatian coast. Island of Zlarin is also known as “golden island” due to its an intact and well preserved nature. The