Croatian Islands

Mezemrizing natural beauty of Croatian coastline and fascinating history of this Eastern European paradise. Meet Hvar, Brac, Korcula and many other Croatia islands.

Sipan Island, Croatia – largest of the Elaphiti Islands

Sipan Island - Croatia vacation

Sipan is the biggest but least developed of populated island from Elafiti archipelago 17 km away from Dubrovnik, Croatia. Sipan island has surface area of ...


Korcula Island, Croatia – Mediterranean as it used to be

Korcula Travel vacation

Korcula island with its luxuriant vegetation and it is one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic Sea, with numerous vineyards and olive groves.

Southern ...


Brac Island, Croatia – island of nature and beauty

Brac island

Brac is the one of the largest islands in Croatia, and also Brac has one of the highest mountain peaks among Adriatic islands with 778 ...


Hvar Island, Croatia – island of natural beauty and nightlife

Hvar Croatia travel

Hvar island, Croatia is the top spot of the Split area Dalmatian islands.

Hvar island has been well known from ancient times because of ...