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This is where you can discover its most beautiful beaches and vacation spots. And all these destinations can effectively correspond with everyone's understanding of the term "holiday" regardless if they are couples, singles, families, or group of friends. Try and savor the specialties of the Dalmatian cuisine or delight with the country's famous wines. Above anything else, expect and enjoy a warm welcoming host.

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Things to do in Croatia:

Croatia may be a little country, but it is buzzing year-round thanks to its many events and activities. From the Fishermen's Night across a number of small towns across the Dalmatian coast to the titular Rijeka Carnival, everyone is welcome to participate. You will also enjoy the country's vast marine competitions, song festivals, and other top-notch festivities.

The country is well-known for its extraordinary island-speckled coastline, which is absolutely an attraction to look forward to. The first thing that will capture your heart is the clear waters. When it is beautifully set against a mesmerizing white pebbly beach, it seems to sparkle like a pure jewel. And mind you, its intensity can be anything from emerald to sapphire.

Croatia is also packed with long and sandy. If you are the type who wants to spend the entire time lounging, this is definitely perfect for you. It is even a great place to devour all of those trashy holiday novels, though we would recommend enjoying the scenery and exploring the outdoors. If you do not want things to be a bit relaxing, you can always go with a number of water-based activities.

They are going to lure you off your comfort zones, as you get to enjoy the likes of diving, kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, and windsurfing, among many others.

Main Tourist Regions In Croatia:

Central Dalmatia Region

Central Dalmatia Region

Croatian region of Central Dalmatia is divided in three separate area; elevated hinterland called Dalmatinska Zagora, narrow coastal area with numerous old historical cities such as: Split, Trogir, Kaštela, Omiš and Makarska while third part is made of Central Dalmatian islands: Brac, Hvar, Vis, Šolta and many others.

Main city in this region is Split what makes ideal holiday destination and starting point for exploring this region which is abundant with historiacly sites, well preserved nature and wondeful beaches and most pittoresque islands you will ever see.

South Dalmatia Region

South Dalmatia Region

South Dalmatia region extends from southern banks of river Neretva on north to Prevlaka peninsula on south. Biggest city and main tourist destination in a South Dalmatia is Dubrovnik usually called as a "Venice's little brother". This region is full of historical and cultural attractions not only in Dubrovnik but also in Cavtat, Korcula island, Pelješac and on the Elaphiti islands.

Region of South Dalmatia has much to offer to its visitors, there is a long historical and cultural tradition and authentic Dalmatian cuisine.

North Dalmatia Region

North Dalmatia Region

Northern Dalmatia region extends from Primošten town on south to Rab island on the north. Major city in this region is Zadar, beautiful medieval city and ideal starting point if you want to explore North Dalmatia region and its islands with old stone villages and enchanting national parks, beaches and bays.

Zadar is perfect destination for you because you can easily visit four out of the eight Croatian national parks.

Istria Region

Istria Region

Istria region is located in northernmost part of Croatian coast on heart-shaped Istria peninsula. Explore Istria region and discover well known natural beauty of region, visit the most pittoresque fishing ports on Adriatic combined with old narrow stone streets which leads to the of medieval villages and ancient towns on top of the hill.

Istria is one of destinations in Croatia where you will have a good time no matter on a part of the year you visiting.

Kvarner Gulf

Kvarner Region

Kvarner riviera is situated between Istria peninsula on the north and Dalmatia on south. Kvarner gulf region comprehend two parts, small and narrow coast around Kvarner bay and two biggest Croatian islands: Island of Krk and Island of Cres. Kvarenr bay region is a cradle of tourism in Croatia.

Explore Kvarner region and find out why this area has been loved by its visitors for more than a 150 years.

Croatian Islands

Croatian Islands

Croatia is a land of over numerous islands and with nearly 4500 kilometers of shore on beautiful unspoiled Adriatic sea. Enchanting beaches, hidden bays and beast updated travel advices for Croatian island all you can find on our Croatia vacation blog.

If you planning to your next holiday destination choose Croatian islands and you can not make a mistake.

Continental Croatia

Continental Croatia

Despite the fact that Continental region of Croatia is less known to a tourist the truth is that there is a lot to see in Continental Croatia. Though unjustly neglected Continental part of Croatia is not far behind from the most popular destinations on Croatian coast and definitely has a lot to offer.

Continetal Croatia destinations are equally filled with natural beauty, unspoiled nature and historical landmarks.

Why you should visit Croatia

Is your Mediterranean fantasy includes balmy days engulfed in sapphire waters? How about a trip to the shade of ancient walled towns? Either way, you can never go wrong with Croatia. It is the perfect place to turn any of these fantasies into reality.

There is no better way to understand Croatia than by visiting it. It is the only Mediterranean country perfectly ornamented with crystal blue sea. Sure, it is abundant with Croatian islands. But make no mistake: each of them is special in its own beauty, peculiarities, and zeal. A visit to these islands will give you the chance to relive the kind of life there once was in the Mediterranean.

- Perfectly preserved nature

Croatia is more than just a tourist destination. It has countless assets to offer, all of which add value to its already superb touristic experience. This alone makes the country a desirable travel destination, the type that should be part of your to-do list.

The country's seemingly perfect preservation is reflected in eight national parks, with Brijuni Islands, Krka National Park, and Plitvice being the most famous ones. It is worth noting that all national parks take at least 8% of total area of the country. Meaning, enjoying these national parks is just part of the entire package. That is how vast your travel experience can be in this country.

- Rich cultural and historical heritage

Unlike other countries, Croatia prides in rich cultural and historical heritage. These qualities can be literally seen at every step, particularly in old cities on the Dalmatian coast. Split, for instance, is an 18th-century old town which was originally built around the Diocletian palace. It was initially a summer mansion specifically built for the retired Roman emperor Diocletian.

Dubrovnik city is also surrounded with the ever-famous Walls of Dubrovnik, which are a series of defensive stone walls embracing the city of Dubrovnik in the southern part of the country. Add to this the Roman Forum in Zadar, which is a municipal square that dates back to the 1st century BC.

Last but not the least is Trogir, a town situated along with Croatian islands Brac, Hvar, Korcula, and island of Vis.

When talking about the history of Croatia, it is a crime not to include the Istria peninsula. It has one of the countries oldies cities called Pula, which offers the well- preserved amphitheater from the Roman times. Porec, on the other hand, has the Euphrasian Basilica or also known as the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of Mary. This one here dates back to the 6th century and is currently under the protection of UNESCO (a task the organization embarked upon since 1997).

The rich history of Croatia is also represented in hundreds of medieval churches, some with striking frescoes while others simply offer fascinating braided reliefs.

Best time of the year to visit Croatia

If you want to experience the best Croatia vacation, then the middle of summer is your best course of action. This season simply delivers in every way possible. There is no need to worry, though. That is because this guide will give you adequate information about the country's main destinations and popular tourist spots − be it peak or off-peak season.

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