Crikvenica, Croatia – beautiful town full of charm

Crikvenica, Croatia is a modern holiday destination located in Kvarner bay nearby Rijeka city.

Crikvenica Riviera is kilometers long sea promenade and one of the most beautiful of coastal Croatia parts.

Riviera consist of towns Crikvenica, Dramalj, Selce and Jadranovo.

Town surroundings is made of pleasant and abundant flora coast scattered with coves, parks, gardens and tourist attraction and in north-west direction there are many mountain trails and hiking routes.

Crikvenica town is built on a place of the ancient roman travel and military station Ad Turres, and it was also important harbour for the nearby towns of Vinodol region.

Town own its name to a church of the Pauline Fathers monastery, which dates back in 1412 and its built by Nikola Frankopan. Thanks to urban expansion of Crikvenica itself and expansion town of Selce, had developed into a mini-conglomerate of those two towns.

Place became an well known vacation destination in the late 19-th century. First “Hotel Therapia” was built in 1895 and it had 120 beds and a hydrotherapy Institute. Later in 1902 the Hotel Crikvenica was built, in 1903 the hotel Bellevue and in 1905 the Hotel Miramare.

In the year 1906 Crikvenica officially became respectable health tourism destination and due to its gentle climate with over 2500 sunny hours per year.

Crikvenica, Croatia – Things to do

Crikvenica offer is quite interesting to a tourist who enjoy in active holidays and to all visitors who want a relaxed and soothing vacation. Thanks to its vicinity to Zagreb it is a usual weekend resort for many residents of Croatian capital.

There are the kilometres of pebbly and sandy beaches that merging together to create natural promenade which is extremely attractive to many international and national tourists.

Surrounded by many attractive locations for tourists, near beautiful Kvarner islands like Krk and Rab.

Town is also great starting point if you are planning to visit National parks North Velebit and Plitvice Lakes.

crikvenica kvarner beach

Besides the numerous natural attractions, town offering its tourist a wide selection of cultural and historical monuments and the chance to enjoy in a wide range of entertainment programmes.

Countless sacral sites worth visiting include the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Church of St. Anthony of Padua, the Russian Orthodox Church in Crikvenica, the Church of St. Helen in Dramalj, the Church of St. James the Apostle in Jadranovo, and the Church of St. Catherine in Selce.

You can find many chapels dedicated to various saints. If you are visiting Crikvenica, do not miss the chance to visit Crikvenica Town Museum with its interesting and valuable exhibitions presenting the town’s history and tradition, you can see various collections of archaeology, natural history, cultural history and fishing.

Town Gallery, puts an emphasis on contemporary visual arts by authors from the region.

The “Igralište” archaeological site in Crikvenica, where one of the conserved ceramic workshops in the area was discovered, and the Lokvišće archaeological site in Jadranovo, attest to the rich life at the time of the ancient Romans.

The Jama Vrtare Male cave in Dramalj is one of the richest paleontological sites in Croatia, with a series of fossil remains of long-extinct animals.

Crikvenica is town with numerous cafes and nightbars do not lack entertainment and nightlife. You can treat yourself in one of the many restaurants with authentic local delicacies or you can go on boat trip to the nearby islands Silo and Krk.

For sports activities lovers there are plenty choices such as sailing, surfing, diving or water skiing.

Also, you can bring or rent a bicycle in the area because there are many bicicle trails arround.