Rovinj Croatia – Things to do and places to visit

Rovinj, Croatia is town which became one of the most important tourist centers of Istria County. It is town who comprises best sides of Istria.

Modern Rovinj is the third most popular town in the county, right behind Pula and Poreč.

Originally Rovinj was built on an island close to the coast, which later became connected to the mainland in 1763, by filling in the channel.

The main occupation of the local population is tourism.

The most cheerful place in Rovinj is town center where are the most bars, restaurants and art galleries are placed.

View on Rovinj old town in Croatia

A farmer’s market is located at the edge of the historic part of town, near Valdibora Square.

What can you expect in Rovinj Croatia

Rovinj is the second biggest holiday destination in the Istria, in terms of overnight stays.

Getting to Rovinj Croatia

Due to the two closest airports Pula and Trieste (Italy) and during the summer season, low-cost airlines such as Ryanair who operate direct lines from western Europe, Rovinj’s tourst capacities mainly filled through the whole year.

During the summer season, there is a direct catamaran line between Venice Italy and Rovinj Croatia.

High speed catamaran weekly lines to the Port of Ravenna and Cesenatico are also available during summer season.

Accommodation in Rovinj

Rovinj have a big number of hotels in the town itself, and beds are abundant, even though usually overbooked in the high-peak season from May to September.

Accommodation units ranges from private rooms or apartments to bungalows, camping sites and 2 to 4 star hotels and private luxury villas.

Rovinj, Croatia also has two luxury, 5-star boutique hotels, Hotel Monte Mulini and Hotel Lone.

Rovinj Hotel
5-star boutique hotel Lone in Rovinj Croatia

Beside hotels on the mainland, there are also a numerous of hotels located on small islands surrounding Rovinj which are linked to the mainland by boat lines which go from the city centre to the hotel boat berths on the islands.

Places to visit – Rovinj Croatia

Rovinj is the one of the most picturesque towns in the Mediterranean, used to be a fishing town, today is a well known tourist destination.

Located on the distance of some 40 kilometers from county capital Pula, Rovinj (Rovigno) has long been known as the town with preferred and beneficial climatic features.

So, today its people are still proud of this long tradition and ‘fight’ for the title of ‘healthy town’… The rest is nature’s work.

The entire Rovinj coastline, with its twenty-two islands is an area of protected natural and cultural heritage.

You can feel the enchantment of the town in its narrow medieval streets and warm Mediterranean town.

Church of St Euphemia

The main Church of St. Euphemia keeps relics of the saint and represents one of the most beautiful Baroque achievements in Istria.

From the top of Church of St. Euphemia plateau there is a beautiful sight of the open sea and numerous islets in the distance.

Church of St Euphemia – church’s striking bell tower was modelled after St Mark’s in Venice. The church is dedicated to St Euphemia and contains the tomb of this Christian martyr which, according to legend, mysteriously appeared offshore one dark and stormy night.

Balbi Arch

Balbi Arch – part of the town gate, the Balbi Arch was built in 1679 and, in a nod to both sides of a running war, is ornamented with a Venetian head on one side and a Turkish head on the other.

Grisia Street

Grisia Street – lined with art galleries, this stepped street is the sight of a famous art fair in August.

Grisia street
Open air exhibition in Grisia Street in Rovinj

Golden Cape Forest Park

Golden Cape (Zlatni Rt) Forest Park – Besides Dubrovnik’s Trsteno Park, Zlatni rt (Golden Cape) is the most important park area on Croatian side of the Adriatic coast.

Apart from a thousand indigenous and naturalized plant species, such as the holm oak and Alpine pine communities, many other species have been brought to this centuries-old shade.

Cedar trees, stone pine trees and ten types of cypress trees that contribute to the Mediterranean atmosphere of the forest park.

Golden Cape
Park Forest Golden Cape (Zlatni Rt) in Rovinj

There is an Info Desk in the park where you can get all possible information concerning the rock climbing and bird watching.

Rovinj Islands and the Coastal Area

Rovinj Islands and the Coastal Area – natural landscapes belong to the category of ‘landscapes of outstanding value’.

One should not be surprised to learn this, as the indented coast, holm oak, Alpine and Bruce pine forests and the special agricultural spaces amaze and capture by their beauty and level of preservation.

This ‘landscape of outstanding value’ stretches from St. John’s Cape (Rt Sv. Ivana) to Barbariga and encompasses all twenty or so Rovinj islands and islets and the coastal area up to the distance of 500 m from the coastline.

Visit St. Andrew Island

The St Andrew Island (Otok Sv. Andrija), occupying an area of 23 hectares, is the largest island of the Rovinj archipelago, followed by the beautiful St. Catherine’s Island (Otok Sv. Katarine), a true rarity in terms of vegetation.

Botanists have found as many as 456 plant species there.

Lim Bay – Rovinj, Croatia

Lim Bay – Rovinj’s protected landscape with slopes that are covered in different forms of evergreen shrubs and oak medunac and bitter oak. This botanic diversity on a relatively narrow area represents a unique phenomena and a special ecological value.

Romuland Cave in Rovinj

Romuald’s Cave is located nearby and can be reached by climbing through the 360 meter-long woods.

The length of the cave is 105 meters. The average temperature in its interior is around 12 degrees and relative humidity is 70-75 per cent.

The Romuald's Cave
The Romuald’s Cave in Vrsar Croatia

The oldest remnants of the early man in Istria are found in this cave.

Along with the cave bear, cave lion, leopard, wolf, fox, brown bear, cave hyena, snow rabbit…a total of 41 animal species were found in the cave.

Active vacation in Rovinj

Rovinj with its surroundings offer immense possibilities for recreation: biking, horseback riding, jogging.

But, owing to the sea and what it has to offer, ranging from sailing to discovering the underwater world, its therapeutic properties, modern Rovinj is the perfect destination for tourists from all over the world.