Stiniva beach on Vis island

Stiniva beach on Vis Island is true wonder of nature situated in Stiniva cove below the southern slopes of the island of Vis.

Stiniva along with Stiniva cove is protected natural monument since 1967 which managed to keep its true natural beauty up to the present days.

Seaside entrance on Stiniva beach is protected by two high cliffs distanced from each other at only 4 meters in their closest point which in coast direction expanding into beautiful Stiniva cove.

Stiniva Beach on Island of Vis Croatia
Stiniva Beach on Island of Vis Croatia

If you approaching Stiniva beach from the seaside you won’t be aware of its extraordinary natural beauty and appearance of this pebble beach until the moment when you sail into the cove through the “cliff gate”.

Please note that the sea is too shallow for docking yachts with deeper ford.

However, once when you are reached Stiniva cove from the sea you will get a full insight of true and an unusual phenomenon of Stiniva beach and its like “hand-stacked” pebbles which along with the surrounding stone cliffs closing bay and strangely reminding its visitors with its the unusual shape on the Roman amphitheater.

Getting to Stiniva beach

Reaching this divine beach on Vis Island can be quite difficult since there are no direct access for cars.

From mainland direction it can be only reached by foot or by boat from seaside.

This might be main reason why Stiniva managed to preserve its primeval beauty.

Getting to Stiniva on Vis Island
Getting to Stiniva on Vis Island

For reaching Stiniva you have to take a drive to village Pliško Polje then turn left to hamlet of Žužec after that you can expect 20 minutes of walk at very demanding small steep path to Stiniva bay.

You may take into consideration that you don’t want go along with the children since path is very demanding and and the sun may be quite strong even in morning hours.

Once when you finally reached Stiniva you can take refreshments in small bar located right next to the beach.

The best part of the day to visit Stiniva is probably morning. However due to high cliffs that surround beach there is always enough shade in every time of the day.

The easiest way to get to the beach Stiniva is still from seaside.

There are many one day excursion taxi boats from Vis, Brac, Hvar or even Split who are passing along Stiniva cove, Rukavac cove and Srebrna beach and many other attractions of Vis Island.