Vodice, Croatia – tourist gem at the Dalmatian coast

Vodice town is a touristic center famous for its lively and various tourist offer and hospitable people.

This small coastal town is located in a wide bay, 11 km northwest from the town of Sibenik.

Today Vodice have about 10,000 inhabitants, and is considered an ideal place for vacation where everyone can find something that they will enjoy.

Vodice were inhabited back in Roman times when they were called Araus or Arausa Antonina. Vodice and its surroundings are rich in water and hence the name – Vodice.

History of Vodice dates back in 1402. Beginning of this little town is associated with the time they began to build St. Cross’s Church (close to today Hotel Punta). Sibenik archive from that year mentioning Vodice for the first time: peasants from Vodice were ordered to put aside part of their earnings for construction of Sibenik cathedral.

Vodice, Croatia – Things to do

In present days, Vodice town is a modern tourist center, one of the most famous one in North Dalmatia. Modern tourism has been the case ever since the people of Vodice decided to pursue this economic activity, which means for the last fifty years.

Vodice having realization over 50 000 tourist accommodations in Hotels and in private accommodations family pensions, apartments and rooms. Located on the sunny coast of the North Dalmatia, the area of bright sea.

At distance of 12 km from Vodice you can visit ancient town Sibenik: A little to the north there is the river Krka along with Krka National Park, and towards south-west range the isles of Kornati archipelago with Kornati national park.

East side of Vodice Gulf is sheltered with peninsula cowered by a pine wood and spreading to the south-west of the ancient town. You can find there hotel complexes Olimpia and hotel Punta.

Vodice Croatia - vodice gulf

Nearby is a sports center, modern tourist harbor which has been built in the gulf of Vodice. Harbour Vodice currently having the capacity of 400 boat mooring.

There is also a small sports harbor where you can hire various vessels.

Vodice gulf is bordered at distance of only one mile by isles Prvic, Tijat and Logoru, and it is very favorable for water sports.

Beside the hotel beaches, the blue beach spreading westwards of the town towards the 2km distant fishermen village Tribunj is very attractive, as well.

Numerous events are held through the whole year. We will count just some of them:

  • Cycling Race Prizba – Hello Spring – held at the end of March, winding through the hinterland of Vodice.
  • Easter Regatta – held in mid-April, before Easter and is very popular among yacht owners.
  • Easter breakfast – held the day after Easter featuring a special program with famous Vodice žudijas (Roman soldiers dressed in authentic clothing) and traditional food and folklore from Vodice.
  • Moto meetings – early June – this is a weekend of games, concerts and guitar. An evening for all motorbike lovers.
  • CMC festival – every year the Croatian Music Channel organizes a music festival with many stars of the Croatian music scene. It takes place in mid-June.
  • Vodice feast – a traditional folk festival which takes place on August 4th and is one of the most popular events in Dalmatia. Even after decades of existence, this popular festival always manages to offer something new. It is hard to beat the nightlife in Vodice during the summer months, but the Vodiška festivities manages to do so year after year.

During summer months the festivities music can be heard from all the squares and the waterfront, songs are heard in every cafe while a midnight firework illuminates the city and fills the night sky. Partys can hardly be compared to anything, you have to come an see for yourself and witness this crazy and memorable evening where the fun lasts until the early morning hours.

Vodice, Croatia – Places to visit

Coric tower – made by the Fondra family from Šibenik in 1646. g. The living spaces and defense facilities were fortified by high defense walls since the tower was built during tumultuous times.

The stone with which it was built was brought from island Brac. Today, the courtyard of Coric tower is used as an open-air movie theater during summertime, however the tower is closed to visitors due to its poor condition.

Church of St. Cross – church built in gothic style during the early 15th century, more precisely in 1402. In 1421 it was dedicated to St. Cross at which time it was also a parish church.

It is famous for one precious detail, an old Romanesque-Gothic bowl attached to one of the columns, which is the only one of its kind in this part of Dalmatia. During summer the church houses modern art exhibits.

Parish church of St. Cross with a belfry – was built on the foundations of an old chapel in baroque style, the work of a Sibenik master Ivan Skok. The walls are decorated with windows from the same period and the interior enriched with a Baroque altar dedicated to St. Cross.

The belfry is the work of a master from Dubrovnik called Vicko Macanović and was built over a 20 year span. The bell tower has two balconies (loggia) with two large windows on the lower one and three small windows on each side on the top one.

Church of St. Elijah the Prophet – church was built in 1298 by the inhabitants of Pišće. Only in 1493 was it dedicated to St.Elijah the Prophet. A wall surrounds the church and it is assumed that a cemetery existed next to it. Today, a mass is held only once a year and only on August 20th.

How to get there

Town is very well connected to the outside world by Adriatic road, by the railway from Sibenik and by airlines from Split Airport (70km) and Zadar Airport (60km).

Over 50 inns, 20 shops, a modern medical station, pharmacy, a car service shop, an oil and gas station and other public services offer high quality services matching the requirements of the numerous visitors and guests during the summer season.